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how has Cybill Goldberg's CALMNESS, CLARITY & CONNECTION impacted you?

Testimonials: Testimonial

My daughter was struggling with anxiety and disordered eating and we were very fortunate to become involved with Cybill. She has been an ally and asset for L,  helping her understand her needs and how to cope and respond to situations and feelings.  Cybill earned her trust and L has felt supported in a meaningful and confidential way. I am grateful for all that Cybill has done to help L be the best she can be.

Cybill has helped me not only deal with my anxiety, but also my OCD. I always feel great after leaving her office because she helps me find tools to put in my toolbox. I never feel as though she is making me look for problems in my life, but rather acknowledging that it's ok to have struggles. The important thing is knowing how to deal with them. PD

I have been so pleased with the outstanding service, dedication and professionalism Cybill has delivered to me over the past few years.  Cybill was clutch when I was in crisis mode and continues to provide valuable perspective to me since that time. In addition to being a woman of exceptional character and the ultimate professional, one of the other things that is so impressive to me is her distinctive recall.  This is so important, valuable and efficient  - tracking the events, episodes, players, drama, etc.  without ever missing a beat.  Her recollection of details  that I have shared with her makes me feel like she is “dialed in” and involved.  She is an amazing support and comfort to me. MC

Cybill has provided valuable support to our daughter and to us as parents. She helps us communicate better with each other and see situations from various perspectives. Cybill is a reassuring and understanding sounding board who we all trust to be honest and to provide actionable feedback when we are struggling with a variety of challenges. My daughter feels that talking to Cybill is like talking to a close friend and always feels better after their sessions. FD

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