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About : Inner_about

wife, mother of three, daughter, sister, friend, meditator, avid reader and curator of liberation

I am a psychotherapist but more importantly, I am authentic.




Unlike most therapists who limit exposing their authentic self, I am ready to show and share my challenges, offering empathy and connection because I know that being with my clients helps my clients


I am like you.  I am not perfect.  I struggle with the demands of life and the many hats one wears.  I do know that trying to control everything was controlling me.  When I finally chose to accept the fact that control is a myth, I was liberated to be unforgivingly authentic and ultimately happy.


I know that you contacted me because you need help NOW and are being told you must wait months is not an option.  I guarantee a consultation within 10 days on contacting me.

 I serve teens, young adults and adults who are struggling with:

  • depression

  • social and academic stress

  • eating disorders 

  • anxiety

  • family, couple and marriage conflicts

  • life transitions (i.e. new mothers, career shift, divorce, empty-nesters)


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