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Cybill Goldberg, LICSW

Over the years as a therapist, I have found that the common theme amongst my clients is not their diagnosis or their problems but their deep desire for Calmness, Clarity & Connection.  They seek therapy because something is not right in their lives and they want to find a better way.  The ingredients to healing are found in these three elements.  Whether it is through individual therapy, teen support/skill building, The c3 Method or even within the audience of my public speaking events, my clients engage in a process that leads them away from their struggles to a place of

Calmness, Clarity and Connection.

CALMNESS is found in the compassionate exploration of how we respond instead of react to life's challenges. 

CLARITY is the courageous journey inward to our authentic self while learning how to live aligned with our values and goals.  

CONNECTION is the work towards being unforgivably real in healthy rewarding and loving relationships with ourselves, others and the larger world. 

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Cybill Goldberg Calmness Clarity and Connection

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learning and loving who you are

Through a Buddhist psychology approach I invite clients to investigate their emotions mindfully and encourage them to respond with compassion. Our emotions are often habitual reactions that need more attention and exploration. The core to treatment is unpacking these feelings, to uncover their true messages, followed by holding these emotions tenderly and without judgement.



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Teens today are more stressed than most adults and they do not have the sophisticated skills to cope in an effective way.  Academic and social demands can leave teens feeling overwhelmed, depressed and anxious.  I offer teens a safe and compassionate place to release their feelings and from there we are able to develop a customized toolbox to respond to their stressors.  Working together clients begin to feel better about themselves and their relationships.

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The c3 Method is 12-week program that is based on the Calmness, Clarity & Connection modality.  It is for anyone looking to give attention to enriching their day-to-day life.  As a c3 client you will move through three phases of cultivating and claiming Calmness, Clarity & Connection and develop tools along the way, that allow you the reach your fullest potential and happiest self.

Based on my many years as a therapist and training as a mind-body psychotherapist, my mission is to teach people how to claim Calmness, Clarity & Connection through a step by step apporach that is easy, accesible and proven effective.  I am able to customize my message to meet the needs of your group--big or small.

Schools:  students, parents, teams and staff

Organizations:  non-profits, businesses, corporations, churchs, temples, new mothers groups, etc...

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